Sunday, December 26, 2010

The syllabus

Here's what to expect from the site:

Music reviews of CDs, LPs, tapes, MP3s, and more. Some of the stuff will get written about after less than five listens. Some of the stuff will get written after 100 listens.

Thanks to my English major background (I'm a certified and licensed secondary teacher in WI), I tend to fuss over my writing and rewrite/revise my work as I go along. I'll also do my best to cite my sources and point other relevant reading material as needed. I hate to try and outdo people or reinvent the wheel, so if X happens to say something, I may just link to that page and move on to the next piece.

One other thing: I'll try and showcase local WI music as much as possible. Many of my friends make records and so I'll be writing about them here.

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