Thursday, February 3, 2011


My old roommate EJ started a music blog called Wax On, Dust Off. He's based out of Minneapolis and writes about records, record stores, shows, and more. During our freshman year at UWM we were known, to quote one of our upstairs female neighbors, as "the room with all that weird music." Apparently, she didn't take too kindly to our song selections, but ironically enough, I remember that time as when my music tastes skewed the most conservative, for I'd reverted to classic rock and blues. EJ played a mix of indie hop-hop and classic rock as well. I remember him introducing me to my favorite Clapton album, Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert. We played that one quite a bit. Not a very weird album by any stretch of the imagination.

But I digress--he shot me a message with the address and these memories can flooding back. It's good to hear from him. Though we haven't talked too much since he moved back to Minnesota after the year's end, it looks like the musical dialogue can continue via the web. I'm happy to link to his page. He knows his music quite well and still buys it the old-fashioned way by scouring the shops.

Wax On, Dust Off here:

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