Wednesday, May 15, 2013

beardedmenace: Can You Imagine? (#023) / Pentagram

Another quality mix from Bearded Menance. I haven't gotten past the first few tracks and it's already sounding like another winner. Thanks to him, I now know of the doom-metal legends Pentagram, for despising having known of them for ages, I'd never listened to them until now. Such is the case with plenty of bands, but Pentagram's one that should've been there from the beginning. Their story's a peculiar one, for despite doing singles and a couple albums worth of material in the 1970s, they didn't actually release their first album until 1985. By then members had come and gone and their sound had evolved from their early material. That's the impression I get anyway, as I've only focused on the early stuff found on First Daze Here and First Daze Here Too this week. 

The 70s-era Pentagram songs stack up against their big brothers BÖC, Black Sabbath, and Captain Beyond. There's plenty of Rod Evans in Bobby Liebling's voice. They do a hard driving cover of "Under My Thumb" that straddles the line between hard rock that I quite like, too. Can You Imagine? features the foreboding, brooding track "Be Forewarned," an early single. Dig it!
beardedmenace: Can You Imagine? (#023): [ ZS] Here's this week's over-analysis. It's a special one. File it under dense, and worthy of exploration. Recommended l...

"Forever My Queen"

"Be Forewarned"

"Last Days Here"

"Under My Thumb" (Rolling Stones)

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