Sunday, July 28, 2013

Call for the Priest...Judas Priest

Sometimes albums and songs slam their way into my head and the sounds get stuck there, crying out, "Play me!" In Daejeon as well as for the last couple of weeks, it's been AC/DC; now it's Judas Priest. They're my favorite metal band and I've had the privilege of seeing them live twice. Rob Halford can belt it and the I'm always in thrall of Glenn Tipton and KK Downing's dueling guitars. To me, they exemplify everything excellent about metal: the driving tempos, the fantastic imagery, and the spectacle of the live show. I blame an old friend from back home for getting me into them. He was always talking about them and playing their riffs on his guitar, so I learned some of them. To this day, "Living After Midnight" ranks as a favorite to play along with.

Despite having listened them for a decade, I've yet to hear everything they've done--I started with Unleashed in the East and Screaming for Vengeance and jammed everything up until Turbo. I played those first two for a long time as a teenager before moving on to the classic British Steel, the underrated Point of Entry, and the earlier works of Sad Wings of Destiny, Sin After Sin, and (the exellent) Hell Bent for Leather

Unleashed in the East is one of the best live albums out there and has all the best songs from before they exploded in popularity. It's a snapshot of what they sounded like before 1980's British Steel. 

So, which of those LPs have graced the headphones? Screaming, Unleashed, and Hell Bent For Leather.

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