Thursday, August 15, 2013

RIP Allen Lanier of BÖC

Rhythm guitarist and keyboard player for the band Lester Bangs called "America's answer to Black Sabbath" Blue Öyster Cult, Allen Lanier, has left us. In his memory, here are some of my favorite tracks from his work with the group:

"Before the Kiss, A Redcap"

"Transmaniacon MC" (Listen for the Altamont reference!)

Both tracks from their debut LP in 1972.

"The Red and The Black"

"7 Screaming Diz-busters"

Both tracks come from their second album Tyranny and Mutation.

"Boorman the Chauffeur" (An outtake. Listen to that barreling rhythm...)
"Dominance and Submission" (Radio Birdman named their album Radios Appear after a line in this song)

The angry and brooding "Flaming Telepaths"

All three tracks come from their third album, Secret Treaties.

Notice that "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" doesn't appear here. I didn't link it because even though I love the song and its dark repeating A G F G riff, I wanted to post some songs from before they exploded onto the scene.


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